Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blacklisted Buyers

People/ Buyers that are BLACKLIST-ed by our store!

1. Nhi Bui, FL, United States
She reported a dispute case to PayPal when she didn't receive her second package where she chose to use CHEAPER shipping method - without tracking number. This is very unfair to us when PayPal decided to issue the FULL refund to that person!

First of all, we do not have tracking number for her because she chose to use only regular/normal post (cheaper ones). However, we provided her a photo of the package before the shipment, as a proof of shipment.

The second issue is that she ordered 3 pairs costs US$66.85 in which we sent out in two separate mails as the follow:-

First package - consists of 2 pairs of lenses (sent out on Sept. 24)
Second package - consists of 1 pair of lens (sent out on Sept. 28)

The reason why we said so is because she already received the first package, on Oct.2. (She had email me about this) When I emailed her to ask her to respond to PayPal regarding the first package that she received, she indeed ignored me.

The lost mail that she reported to PayPal was the second mail was her brother's lenses with costs USD$18.99, yet PayPal refunded her FULL payment of USD$66.85

She, indeed a very dishonest buyer! Please be aware!


2. Yvonne Sher, Alberta, Canada
She submitted the order form and asked us to prepare her order and yet told us that she doesn't have PayPal account and cancelled her order if the only payment method is PayPal.

"hello, you should have know this by the time you fill out the order form!"

3. Sahara Ferrer, Canada
Missing in action after submitting order form

4.  Luther Hamilton, United States
Missing in action after submitting order form.

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