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Shipping Info

Registered Shipping (Rates and Estimated Delivery)
A new postage rate, only for registered shipping, had been implemented by our local Post Office effective May 15, 2013. In conjunction with the increment, duration of deliveries are faster to every locations compared to previous ones.  

Latest update on June 18, 2013
They no longer allow us to use air mail rate instead, they introduced us the "international small packet" rate.
Kindly refer to the newest rate as follows:

Shipping Method   Applicable Area           Shipping Fee
 ♥ Registered Mail
(International Small Packet)

Zone 1:
Brunei and Singapore

      1 - 4 pairs:  $8.90
      5 - 10 pairs:  $17.90
      11 - 19 pairs: $23.90
 (Estimated Delivery: 4 - 5*)

 Registered Mail
(International Small Packet)

Zone 2:
Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong

       1 - 4 pairs: $8.90
       5 - 10 pairs: $17.90
       9 - 19 pairs: $23.90
 (Estimated delivery: 4 - 7*)

Zone 3: 
Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India 

      1 - 4 pairs:  $11.90
      5 - 10 pairs:  $22.90
      11 - 19 pairs: $32.90
 (Estimated delivery: 4 - 8*)

Zone 4:
USA, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany and France,

     1 - 4 pairs: $11.90
     5 - 10 pairs: $22.90
     11 - 19 pairs: $32.90
 (Estimated delivery: 5 - 10*)

Price shown ABOVE is SUBJECT TO  6% of Goods and Services Tax, effective from April 1, 2015
The above chart is updated on June 18, 2013
Note : Transit time below is based on "working days" (WD), which is exclude weekend and public holidays.

*The estimated delivery time listed applies to major cities only. Delivery to areas outside major cities may incur additional days.
Each pair = 50 grams, each lens case = 50 grams, packaging box = 15 grams. If there is overweight, we will cease to give away the lens cases, otherwise you gotta pay for the extra.

Kindly email us at if your destination is not included on above cart.
To United Kingdom ONLY (Express Shipping - no signature is required - on your own risk)
1-8 pairs : US$20.00

EMS SHIPPING (Rates and Transit Time)
EMS shipping for urgent order will be entertained too. Please bare in mind that contact lenses are not allow to go into some countries. Check it with your customs department respectively. Especially Singapore. Hence, no fast mail shipping to Singapore or it would be at buyers' risk.

Price shown BELOW is SUBJECT TO 6% of Goods and Services Tax, effective from April 1, 2015
Start from 15th July 2011, the fuel surcharge has been increased from 10% to 15%
Charges stated below is made before 15th July 2011.

Country of Destination
(A to L)

Transit Time
(Working days)

Country of Destination
(M to Z)

Transit Time
(Working days)

Australia2 – 4

Austria3 – 4


New Zealand3
Belgium3 – 4
Nigeria3 – 5
Brazil3– 5
Norway3 – 4
Brunei2 – 3

Philippines2 – 3

Portugal3 – 4

Finland3 – 4

South Korea3
Greece3 – 4

Hong Kong2 – 3
Spain3 – 5

Indonesia2 – 3

Ireland2 – 3

Italy3 – 4

Japan2 – 3

U.S.A3 – 5

Luxembourg3 – 4

Processing time : 2-3 business days
Business days: Monday to Friday

i) Buyer A sent us payment on Thursday, 2-3 business days are consider from Friday, Monday and Tuesday (the earliest shipment). Our local post office is closed on weekends.

ii) Buyer B sent us payment on Friday/ Saturday/Sunday, 2-3 business days are consider from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (the earliest shipment). Our local post office is closed on weekends.

How to track and trace the package after it being sent out to the destination?
Well, no worries. 
Please click on the following related link.
Trace Post for 98 Countries here:

Happy shopping with us!!

updated on 22 May 2013

Note: We are be NOT responsible if there is any damage incur during delivery, as we have do our best to protect contact lens vials with bubble wrap, and also put up a note 'FRAGILE' on the package. Please complaint to post office if any damage found.


  1. hi there, i really want a pair of the Barbie-Eye Super Nudys, and was just wondering how much shipping would be to New Zealand? thanks so much. (:

  2. Hello there
    We are doing clearance sale.
    Each pair for $25 shipped (:
    Kindly email us at
    Thank you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hi hi

    if i want a pair of the hanabi series & one of the barbie-eye & with the sending cost to méxico, how much $$$ will be¿?

  5. hanabi $26 shipped with regular air mail
    which barbie eye ? please email me at thank you =)

  6. Hello, can you send an e-mail to

    1. I want to know how much would the lenses be if I order 15 pairs & up?
    2. How much would the shipping be to Canada / Hong Kong?
    3.If I chose paypal, can you choose the gift option?
    4.Would you be posting the invoice (like how many pairs & how much they are.) outside of the box?
    5. How would you be able to know that you got my payment? Do I have to give or show you something?

  7. Hi I was wondering that how much is the shipping If I only buy 1 pair, and I live in USA, How much is the shipping and I really want to order the black ace. Please send to
    Thanks you

  8. I want to order a few pair of much is the shipping cost to singapore?

    1. Dear Dya, Shipping to SG costs USD$4 for the first 2 pairs and from third pair onwards it would be USD1 per pair (:

  9. Hiya, i'd really love a pair of red ruby contacts shipped to the UK, how much will that cost? Super cute :) Thanks! xxxx

    1. Dear Scarlett.
      Shipping to UK costs USD$5 for the first 2 pairs (: Ruby Red is USD$23, with USD$2 off on the Mid Year Sale 2012. Total would be USD$26

  10. Dear Dya, Shipping to SG costs USD$4 for the first 2 pairs and from third pair onwards it would be USD1 per pair (:

  11. Hello!
    I am from the US, I was wondering how much it would be (plus shipping) for the Candy Soul Red lenses.

    1. Sorry Luna, the Candy Soul had been sold out.

    2. Hi We have one last pair $15.00. Are you interested? :)

  12. Replies
    1. Hi Caroline, we accept payment by PayPal only =)

  13. Hello, I would like to know what are some countries that you do NOT ship to? Are they the ones excluded from the list?

    1. We ship worldwide to most of the countries.

  14. Hi, how much would cost 2 pairs - Geo Medical BC101 and Candylicious autumn grey to Czech republic? :)

    1. Hi

      Currently there is a change in our local shipping rate. Therefore I could not confirm the shipping fee with you at the moment. We do not have BC101- but you may try Natural Choco 14.5mm :) Both costs $18 before discount. Facebook fans can get $3 off each pair. Thank you.

  15. Hello:) I live in the US and i was wondering how much would the shipping be for 1 pair of the (Sweet 3 Tone Grey)?

    1. Dear Ali Lemon,

      There was a massive increment in shipping fee. It costs $10.90 for 1-4 pairs. Tracking number is provided :)

  16. Hi!
    I would like to order one pair of I.Fairy ♥ Casper Green lenses. How much would be shipping to Finland?
    Thank you :)

    1. Hi Einike,

      There was a massive increment in shipping fee. It costs $10.90 for 1-4 pairs shipped to Finland. Tracking number is provided :)

  17. Hi I want to buy lens beuberry cherry grey (aka vassen cloud) how much the pair ? And how much I pay for order ??? I'm in USA thank you my mail
    Nahreinlove@ can you send me mail please